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Case Studies: The Non-Profit


The Client
A non-profit in Beverly Hills specializing in Pet Adoptions.
The Problem
Elkins Jones was invited to review an insurance quote provided by another broker. Elkins Jones had a long relationship with one of the board members of the non-profit. The non-profit's controller had received the quote, and there were substantial exclusions on the policy. Elkins found that the prior quote went so far as to exclude volunteer work and all pet related activities. In effect, the policy excluded everything the non-profit was going to do.
The Solution
Since Elkins Jones insures many non-profits, they were able to quickly go out to the market and secure quotes which were tailored to the needs of the non-profit. The winning quote came from a company that specializes in non-profits, whose policy removed exclusions for volunteer and animal related activities.
The Result
The non-profit chose to go with Elkins Jones and an insurance company that specialized in non-profits and has seen substantial cost savings.


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